As you may have read in the press recently the dairy industry globally has been experiencing steadily increasing prices over the past few months.  Not only has the cost of raw milk greatly increased, but also the costs of associated packaging bottles, labels etc.

We at Jacksons take pride in the fact that our raw milk is sourced locally and in order to secure our long term supply and enable us to give our local farmers a greater proportion of the market price of raw milk we have recently invested in our own milk collection tanker. However, the poor summer we have experienced and the rising cost of animal feed has resulted in lower amounts of milk being produced by farmers and has further pushed up the price we pay to them.

Unfortunately, we are in a position where, in line with the supermarkets and the rest of the dairy industry, we must now pass on these increases to our customers.  While we are aware that this price increase will not be unexpected, we would like you to know that we appreciate your continued support in helping us to keep milk on the doorstep.